About Us

Mission and Vision


In Borrego Brothers our mission is to be a recognized company in the manufacturing and machining production of parts for the Food, Agriculture, and Industrial Industry; while being forerunner in our processes to provide quality service that will distinguish us from the rest of the providers in this field.


In Borrego Brothers our mission is to satisfy the needs of our clients through timely deliverance at a competitive price in the manufacturing of parts and components for the Food, Agriculture, and Industrial Industry, developing a value added in our products through the efficiency of the operations, with classified personnel and assisted by advanced tools and technology, offering a professional service with respect and honesty.

Our Story

Borrego Brother’s Inc counts with a history of three generations; initially the company began with welding & fabrication of parts for the Metal-Machining Industry, as with the sell and transportation of products and raw materials. Subsequently the company ventured into the processes related to agriculture, from the seeding of the product all the way to the packaging process.


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Borrego Brothers has been a reputable local provider of agricultural services for many years.

With every service we offer, we work to ensure complete customer satisfaction while offering safe and good service to our clients.

We take pride in using the most recent technologies to safeguard both your property and our workforce.

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Borrego Brothers provides high-quality services while taking money, scheduling, and safety into consideration. We are established on a commitment to our consumers, ethics, and hard work. We take great pride in the enduring bonds we have established with our clients, vendors, and personnel.